How to Keep Algae Out of Your Pool

Are you wondering how to keep your pool from turning green? Maintaining your pool’s health is the key to preventing pool algae from ruining your fun and relaxation and enjoying your pool to its fullest. This is excellent news because keeping algae out of your pool isn’t as difficult as it may seem. It just requires adherence to a regular maintenance and cleaning routine.

Still, it helps to understand how chemicals or imbalanced pool water affect algae growth. The following reveals how to keep algae out of your pool through preventative maintenance and, ultimately, how to stop your pool from going green.

How to Prevent Pool Algae

A chemical imbalance in your pool water can quickly lead to a buildup of bacteria allowing algae to form. So, maintaining the proper amount of sanitizing chemicals in your pool is how to prevent pool algae and maintain your pool’s health.

The water’s pH is also essential for maintaining proper chemical balance. So check it daily to keep algae out of your pool.

A regular chlorine shock is also essential to prevent pool algae. Also, consider Pool Marvel, an all-natural swimming pool water treatment to reduce the amount and frequency of the harsh chemicals needed to maintain your pool.

How to keep algae of your pool

How to keep your pool from turning green by preventing and removing debris

It may be a common occurrence; you plan to go out for a swim, but when you reach the pool, instead of its usual clear blue, the water is a deep hue of green. This is despite your best efforts to maintain proper chemical balance. So what’s going on? How to stop your pool from going green may require other best practices as well.

For example, organic materials from the natural environment, such as leaves, pollen, and dirt, get blown around by the wind and often land in an uncovered pool. When these materials aren’t regularly vacuumed or skimmed out of the water, they deteriorate, creating hotspots for algae to gather.

Regular vacuuming and skimming of your pool to remove foreign materials will prevent the water from becoming discolored by algae growth.

Also, cover your pool when it’s not in use. This prevents debris from contaminating your water to keep your pool from turning green.

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Keeping algae out of the pool by other means

Algae can enter your pool in other ways as well. So how do you keep algae out of your pool? Ideally, it’s best to rinse everything off before it enters the pool.

Algae can enter the pool on swimmers, swimsuits, toys, and pool equipment. Algae is a microscopic plant that can transfer from clothing or equipment that can spread by feeding on bacteria. So wash off before getting into the pool to prevent pool algae and large quantities of bacteria from entering the water.

The same goes for your pool equipment and toys. Algae can easily attach to any surface of everyday items that enter the water, creating an ideal environment to colonize and spread. Rinsing off your equipment and toys before entering the pool will keep algae out of your pool.

By consistently practicing these tips, you can master how to prevent pool algae and how to stop your pool from going green. In turn, you’ll enjoy the reward of a healthy, manageable pool that’s ready for use whenever you’re ready to swim.

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