Step #1 – Using Spa Marvel Cleanser to purge the spa

  • Open all jets and water features.
  • Remove filters. You will not harm your spa by operating it with the filters out.
  • Pour 1 bottle of Spa Marvel Cleanser into the existing water. (If you have a Swim Spa please add 3 bottles of Cleanser).  Turn pumps on high for at least 1 hour.  If the spa is less than 3 months old, or if Spa Marvel Water Treatment has been used in the existing water, drain the spa after 1 hour. Otherwise, leave the Cleanser in the water for at least another 23 hours on the regular filtration cycles. It is okay to leave Spa Marvel Cleanser in the water for more than 23 hours if need be.  Do not allow bathers to enter the spa with Cleanser in the water. Drain the spa, rinse it out and refill as per manufacturer’s directions. Repeat before every water change.
Spa Marvel Cleanser

Step #2 – Using Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner

  • Fill spa and install clean filters as per your spa manufacturer’s directions. If using well water or poor quality source water, use of a pre filter such as the X10 Water Filter is strongly recommended.
  • Heat water to desired temperature.
  • Add 1 full bottle of Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner for ALL tubs up to 500 gallons (2,000 litres). In a swim spa add 1 bottle per month. In a swimming pool use Pool Marvel.
  • Ensure that the spa is programmed to filter a minimum of 6 hours a day. Spas with low-volume circulation/hush pumps should be programmed to filter a minimum of 18 hours a day (24 hours a day is preferred).
  • Add sanitizer as per your professional spa retailer’s guide­lines.
  • Balance alkalinity to between 80-150 ppm, ideally between 120-150ppm, if necessary (unless otherwise directed by your professional spa retailer).
  • Balance pH to between 7.2 and 8.2. This is a range broader than one would use with traditional spa water products, but when using Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner this range is acceptable and will not be of detriment to you or your spa.
Spa Marvel cleanser, water treatment & conditioner and filter cleaner

Maintaining Your Hot Tub


Maintain sanitizer levels as per your professional spa retailer’s guidelines.

  • Ensure that alkalinity and pH are within acceptable ranges. Adjust if necessary.
  • Rinse debris from filters.
  • Clean filters using Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner. Properly cleaned filters are vital to the success of maintaining your spa water. After soaking the filters in the Filter Cleaner solution, it is critical that the debris is thoroughly removed from the pleats of the filter by using a strong stream of fresh. Follow this link for more detailed instructions on how to properly clean filters.
  • Reinstall the clean filter as per your professional spa retailer’s instructions.
  • Replace your filter as per your professional spa retailer’s direction
Quarterly (Adding Spa Marvel)
  • Add 1 full bottle of Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Condi­tioner quarterly.
  • If used in a swim-spa, add 1 bottle each month.
Spa Marvel cleanser, water treatment & conditioner and filter cleaner

For tips and instructions on how to further reduce chemical use in your hot tub, please visit our Helpful Tips page.