Many spa owners often grapple with water quality issues and similarly struggle with itching, rashes, irritated eyes and coughing.

In 1994 the founders of the Spa Marvel Company introduced Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner to solve these problems so that bathers could continue to enjoy their hot tubs.  This natural approach to spa water care appealed to the growing number of spa owners who were looking for a healthier and more eco-conscious approach to spa-water care.

Spa Marvel’s propensity to allow for easy spa-water care, softer skin, and an all-around healthier spa experience lead to a cult-like following of users who fuelled awareness by word-of-mouth.  It wasn’t long before inquiries were received from consumers and retailers from the US and Europe asking if it was possible to obtain Spa Marvel in their respective territories.  The Spa Marvel Company quickly met this demand and Spa Marvel products are now available at over 1000 stores internationally.

The Spa Marvel Company continues to innovate and has introduced other unique eco-friendly products including Pool Marvel, X10 Water Filter and Pump Marvel, with many other products in the development stages.

The Spa Marvel Company is committed to helping hot tub users achieve the perfect spa experience and can be reached 7 days a week to answer any hot tub water care related inquiries.

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