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SP1 Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner 12 $58.99
SP2 Spa Marvel Cleanser 12 $29.99
SP3 Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner 12 $29.99
SP4 Pump Marvel 12 $49.99
SP7 Pool Marvel 9 $69.00
SP10 X10 Water Filter 12 $69.99
  GrowRite 12 $49.99
  AquaSafe 12 $49.99
Authorized Retailers Extras

Authorized Retailer Perks!

  • MATERIALS: Printed Spa Marvel Materials; Including instructional/promotional brochures, including the “Hot Tub Handbook” and “ProTips
  • SIGNAGE: Free signage, POS and marketing materials with our industry exclusive ‘Picture for Payment Program’. See POS Sheet here
  • SUPPORT:  Staff training videos and access to a Virtual Coach to train staff on product knowledge, program leveraging & general support with customer struggles.
  • MARKETING: Listings on the ‘Where to Buy’ sections of and
  • PROMOTIONS: •  Start-up Kit Boxes – 8” X 5” X 12” Spa Marvel branded boxes to contain water care products for new spa deliveries.
    • Employee Perks Program: Free Spa Marvel products for dealer/employee personal use
    • The Welcome Program; No cost marketing program that pays you extra to sell Spa Marvel products (Only valid for New Retailers for the first 180 days)
    • The ‘Complimentary Lifetime Jet Warranty’: We offer a jet warranty program, a no-cost to you, that you can offer to customers who continuously buy Spa Marvel from you for the lifetime of their spa.  Customers must have you confirm that they have bought spa marvel since the first day of owning their spa, every three months, at your store! This specialty program has been designed to help you to keep YOUR customers coming back to YOUR store.

Dealer Packages are a first-time buyer promotion only available to new dealers only. Limit of 1 package per each retail location.

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