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Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner
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To assist in your decision to become an authorized Spa Marvel dealer, The Spa Marvel Company is prepared to invest in our business relationship by prepaying to courier Spa Marvel brand products to you.  Please complete this form in order to provide you with the samples requested.

  • We want to enjoy the Spa Marvel experience prior to becoming an authorized dealer.
  • We will be using the complimentary Spa Marvel products at our earliest convenience.
  • It is also understood that if at any time during our Spa Marvel experience we encounter any challenges or have any questions, that we will contact The Spa Marvel Company immediately.
  • I acknowledge and comprehend the terms and conditions outlined and do hereby affirm that this digital form serves as my acceptance and confirmation of the aforementioned provisions, signifying my unequivocal intent to uphold the statements contained herein.

April 23, 2024

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