Reseller Information

Attention Retailers!

• Are you tired of losing chemical sales to the big box stores or the internet?
• Would you like the customer that bought the hot tub from you to continue to visit your store every 3 months?
• Would you like to attract prospective hot tub buyers to your store?

Spa Marvel® can increase your sales and immediately increase customer loyalty. This unique product was developed specifically for the spa and hot tub industry to make spa and hot tub use simpler and more pleasurable. Customers who try this product once almost always come back for more every 3 months.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller please contact us by phone at 1-888-400-1772 or by email at

Benefits of Retailing Spa Marvel®

• A proven product with over 17 years on the market.
• Expand your business by offering a healthy alternative to hot tub water treatment for your clients who are chemical intolerant, eco-conscious, absentee owners such as cottagers who cannot be present to maintain their spa water or “water-treatment challenged”.
• Give your customers a reason to come back to your store. As a specialty product, Spa Marvel® is not available just anywhere, so you won’t be losing customers to big-box stores and the internet.
• Have your customers return to your store every 3 months. Customers who try this product once almost always come back for more every 3 months.
• Attract prospective hot tub buyers to your store.
• Integrity in pricing. Spa Marvel® retailers agree to maintain a floor in Spa Marvel® pricing. This will prevent your clientele from being able to purchase Spa Marvel® for significantly less money elsewhere, including the internet.
• Free advertising. The Spa Marvel® corporate website will have your contact information under the “Where to Buy” tab on
• Corporate promotion. The Spa Marvel® Company Inc. does consumer-direct promotion to get Spa Marvel® into first-time users’ hands. The corporate website will then allow them to select the dealer of their choice when reordering.
• Troubleshooting. offers a troubleshooting section on-line, along with corporate support, for any instances that require special attention.
• Free shipping on orders over $1,000.
• 100% money back guarantee. The Spa Marvel® Company Inc. is so confident in Spa Marvel® that we offer an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee when used according to the directions.